10 things I’ve learnt in a year (and a bit!)

Oh no… Before you get too excited, believe me… The shit is real.

I’m just one of the lucky few. No amounts of sepia-toned nostalgia would have me forget the vivid misery instilled in me by my last job… The job I had before I took the plunge. Ta da! One freelance writer at your service!

But I’m by no means immune to the small (I’m underselling this to sound more bad ass!) sense of panic that sets in around the 4th of the month when my bank account hits a resounding low displaying digits that won’t get you too far in South Africa. Keep calm. Or as they say, ‘Kyk noord en fok voort!’

That said, it’s all taught me some things… Things that I will hopefully carry with me when I’m a multi-million solo act. Only kidding. All the same, come rain or come shine, this is my list:

1. When you know what you wanna do, the alternatives are unthinkable.

2. I’m a wonderful human being. Just as is.

3. A soft boiled egg and hot buttered toast is a feast fit for a king.

4. Some friends are quite simply family.

5. Human beings can be infinitely generous.

6. Sunlight is a gift.

7. The less you want, the less you need.

8. My mom is too good to me.

9. A ping pong table is a valid ambition.

10. Nature is awesome. Like literally.

Happy Wednesday Appreciation Day, one and all!!

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