A Lesson in Compassion & Wisdom (or Buddhism for Dummies)

Dearest Students

My hands tremble as I type this but I fear not. I keep a Bible verse very close to my heart. Be still and know that I am God. It doesn’t get much better than that in life.

But here are my final words for you all.

Fear not the cruel in this world. Children who delight in kicking baby birds out of the nest or burning ants with a magnifying glass… Pity these poor wretched souls. So filled are they with self loathing that they are living the cruellest existence of all.  A hell on earth.

And you? My beautiful ones… My Rikki-Tikki-Tavis, you love so fiercely and see only beauty and you are living the most beautiful lives of all. You. You are the Luckiest. Just ask Ben Folds.

Always think of me and remember that there are two people you should never underestimate in life, for all that they have the the tender hearts of poets coursing through through their blood.

A soft woman.

And an Irishman.

Underestimate them and it will only be to your own demise one day.

Now. Good night and good luck as Edward Roscoe Murrow would say.

All my love and eternally yours

Your Whale Caller


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