A Little Angel Named Anna

When I was a young ‘un, there was a series of exquisitely illustrated books by the elusive author, Fynn, that I read over and over, voraciously, so much did they delight me. The author and scribe of dear Anna had claimed them to be the gospel truth of a young angel untimely taken from him and this home we call earth. But in the brief time she had to live among us, her spirit shone so brightly it transformed all around her. Today I would like to share one of this little angel’s poems in the hopes that it might likewise brighten your day as it has mine. 

The Tree


I saw a lovly tree today

So lovly that it made me pray

The lefs was all harts and lovly green

The lovly tree that you have ever seen

It made my hart sing and my head go hummy

So I tuk some off to gift to Mummy

And wen I did it make her smile

And I think that is very worthwhile

And do you know that Mister God

Made a big smile and gift his hed a nod.


From Anna’s Book by Fynn



Illustration by William Papas 

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