About Me, myself & Eileen

After a life-long love affair with ink and paper, I’ve finally willed myself into finding Just the Right Words, in my heart of hearts, for the things that are so very close to my heart… Good grief knows it blerry well took me long enough!

On these proverbial ‘pages’, I hope you find a spark… a kindling… a sense of overwhelming joy… an absolutely bloomin’ marvellous aboundness in all things great & Small!

As I am so very abounded by so many things… and welcome to this, my lil’ slice of humble pie, a heartfelt tribute I should hope so very much to Life and the human beans in it, a love of all creatures and cultures, and, it goes without saying, food… Preferably of the messy eating variety…

Over the years, it is through the words of many others much treasured and kept close, that I have crawled  through tiny doorways and into magical wardrobes and flown to many many Neverlands in pursuit of pirate ships, to a truly kaleidoscopic crystal prism of experiences… To a myriad of ways of living.

And of  Beeing…

It is through these words that I have aspired to live a life to its full, as the curator of all things destined on this great adventure!

It is through these words that I have learnt that everyone keeps sake a hidden story to tell, a life that is worth something so very special and each their own.

All said and dusted, and spit and polish, I hope you will enjoy my own small contribution to the world of words that we live by and to the experiences we can encounter through reading all things magical.

If you would like to move beyond these pages and purchase a copy of my flavour-filled memoir, click here.

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Happy reading!

Warmest regards



Feature image: Typewriter by the dreamiest and talented Kate Seeley

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