An ode to hairdressers and good coffee

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I have a hairdresser who has walked many moons with me over the years, and to whom I always return (whenever this penniless writer can afford such things like haircuts!!)…. She inspires me daily… With her can-do attitude… With her ability to avoid the evils of social media and use it for good (say, for the month she collected food and blanket deliveries for our local animal shelter… Like me, animals are dear to her heart!)… So, if you’re in the Port Elizabeth area, look no further than her studio, Jigsaw Hair Company (27a Pickering St, Newton Park), for the most fabulous scissorhands in town! Or even if a freshly brewed cuppa is what your soul is craving, her housebound shares the space, with Raak, a coffee-house with daily meal specials fresh from their herb and vegetable garden! (And as an aside, a very close friend, a self-confessed coffee fiend, swears that their locally-sourced coffee blend is Best in Show!) 

love cat people

Anyhoo, I digress, as this lateral-minded lass so often does… I thought of her the other day… I had posted a story, about a conversation I had struck up with a stranger…. It was entitled The Gift of a Watch: A Love Story. I thought, as a hairdresser who is privy to much conversation herself, she might appreciate my story, and this is what I had to say on her Facebook wall…

Jigsaw studio space

Dearest Annette

As an aside… In light of the story I tagged you in… I have this to say. I often took a book to hairdressers to act as a shield on days I didn’t feel like arbitrary conversation and with you, your love of art, the jewellery you made, your love of stray cats, like mine… I never feared… I also think cat people are so perceptive. They know when someone needs conversation, a distraction, or when they need quiet… I will never forget how you did my matric dance hair without expecting a capital return and turning down my pocket money because I’d been so loyal to you all those years. And on the night of my dance, I felt I had the best hair in the room.

And when I wanted to chop all my hair off, you understood how empowering that is for a woman who has felt like a little girl all her life, and what a transformative process that was for me… That was your gift to me in my girlish youth. And you will always be my favourite hairdresser. Even in months of anxiety where I hate traffic and the distance between us. Or my mom cuts my hair because its been a tough month as a fledgling writer and I know I am beautiful enough as is, just with a trim. But I will always return to you, whenever my ship comes in. To you, I pledge allegiance. Xx

annette at work

The post attracted many likes and alongside, many comments from others expressing their appreciation for the wonderful work Annette does and, perhaps more importantly, the incredible human being and woman she is… Fiercely loyal, free-spirited, but always compassionate… So I couldn’t help but add my own two cents in the comments section again… Writers, eh? Just can’t shut us up!! And this is what I had, just HAD, to add! 

Since you all clearly love Annette Lemmer… and perhaps enjoyed my writing too… I thought I’d share the piece,, that inspired me to write this message on her wall. It is short and sweet. As some of the best stories so often are. And hairdressers know aaaaaaaalllll the stories. Trust me. But a truly great hairdresser knows when to practise their discretion. This is why Annette Lemmer is of the finest stock. Yes, you will leave with a fabulous haircut. No doubt. But more importantly, she will take your secrets to her grave. The mark of a classy broad.

Moral of the story today on Humble Pie: Thank the people in your life!

Oh and this of course… 

motto to live by

To follow Annette Lemmer on Instagram: @Annettelemmer12

To follow Wehrner Lemmer, Raak owner and sculptor extraordinaire, on Instragram: @wehrnerlemmer…. As a teaser of what this man can do, here is one of his beautiful sculptures, inspired by wood and what it has to offer as a medium…. Inspired by nature’s hidden secrets, as my favourite sculptures often are…

Sardinia Bay

Sardinia Bay 

And be sure to follow Raak on Facebook…. Their daily specials will have you salivating, rest assured!

Perhaps even, try and find the time to pop in and have a cuppa… lovingly made…You’ve earned it!

Since publication of this piece, the coffee shop has closed while the exceptionally gifted Wehrner Lemmer continues with his craft and exquisite sculptures. Meanwhile the salon has relocated 229 Colwyn Crest, Chelsea in Port Elizabeth should you find yourself in search of a very good hairdresser indeed! 

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