An Oozy Toast Sarmie Indulgence

Palegg (n.) Norwegian for anything and everything you can put on a slice of bread.

 I have to say, I’m a big fan of the ‘sarmie’ (or sandwich). Some of my All Time Cravings include pastrami and pickles on rye, or a simple but classic toasted cheese and tomato on the braai, or a fresh baguette with camembert softened by the sun at a picnic on the beach. And what is an anchovy pizza if not a venerated distant cousin of the sandwich?! That said, there is one particular sarmie that has to be my Ultimate Indulgence on a lazy weekend and it is this particularly oozy toasted extravagance between two slices of plain ol’ shop bought white bread, toasted on the griddle pan.

First be sure to butter the outsides of each slice of the white bread so it doesn’t stick to the grill and turns a gorgeous golden brown. On one slice, on the plain side, spread a thin layer of wholegrain mustard. If you like a little bit of added heat, I sometimes use English mustard instead. Just be sure to be modest with it otherwise the mustard will overpower the other ingredients. Then on top of the mustard spread, add a couple of generous slices of well matured cheddar cheese, making sure you leave a little around the edges of the slice of bread so you don’t get it melting over onto the pan. Next your layer of 3-4 slices of country ham folded concertina-style to fit. Then a little grinding of salt and pepper on the ham. Now come the equally generous brie slices atop the ham. Finally spread either fig jam, or a little bit of honey or syrup, on the other slice of bread and place it upon the layer of brie cheese.

Warm your griddle pan to a medium heat, and keep turning your sarmie until both sides are toasted and the cheese is softened slightly, but not completely melted beyond the point of no return. I personally feel that a little flavour is lost with cheddar when a high heat renders the cheese stringy and melted all over and out the edges of the sandwich. But that’s just me. You are you. So you do you, dear reader. And I do so hope you enjoy this particular treat! Till next time!!

Feature image by Hall Groat ll

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