Dearest: No one Doubled to Some

Today I would like to share a poem a very dear friend wrote for me when I fell from the face of society for a small spell. He is not only a gifted poet and a brilliant mind, but the kind of human bean whose kindness and compassion know no bounds. I hope you are as humbled by the sheer force of his heart as I am. X 


Dearest: No one Doubled to Some


Our warded windows,

were awe full crowded

were they not?

People who knew us,

not, gawking down

at one alone.


Shrouded unmind full,

of social immolation,

we need not even

have tried

the curtains.


Dearest Jocelyn.


that academic printer’s tray,

that promise, that intellect,

no one knows

no one cares

how so?

has two fewer squares


From where,

You and I,

unsigned ill,


Dearest Jocelyn,


at ground

the levelling of place of all things air,

I’ll throw open the windows

and speak for the broken one,

as literary doctors

of petrified thought

close and prejudice

the no ones,


doubled to some,


Dearest Jocelyn


there is but silence, here:

Are you inside or are you gone?

from here,

where once time upon time,

you gave to me

your same voice

and spirited violins,

though mooded,

bipolar ill signed,

one and two,

with features,

we once,


Dearest Jocelyn


I’ll not “Shut up boy!”

down here

where suffering need by made,


Waiting too,

for hypomanic song,


your won Being’s string,

to chord to me



Dearest Jocelyn.

One has opened the windows,

the other,


the meaning from discrimination?


In dishonour of the Nelson Mandela University and University of Cape Town English departments towards two hospitalised Master of Arts students and their lack of support for us, who finished despite.

Warren Jeremy Rourke


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