Meet my new book baby!

After my last breakdown and stay in a state mental hospital for four months, I moved to the sleepy little town of Port Alfred in South Africa and finally took the plunge to become a truly penniless writer and write to my heart’s content. And so it is that proudly this year saw the publishing of my first book baby, my debut novel, Zimmer…

When an unexpected guest arrives on Amelia’s front door step, she finds herself inspired to leave her formerly despairing existence behind and embark on a little to do list that if, just if, she’s dedicated enough might just prove to make for a life finally worth living. A charming read, coupled with equally endearing characters and peppered with moreish recipes, Zimmer makes for a welcome companion to every bedside and kitchen counter. 

If you would like a little taste of my new novel by way of Chapter 1, simply click here. 

If you would like to get your hands on a copy of Zimmer, again simply click here. 

Happy reading!


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