Songs of Mom: Part I

My Mom’s Many Songbooks

Spun by Jocelyn Teri

So today I’d like to make the humble offering of a little song list to one and all… They’re the songs that never fail to make me think of my mom, Janet Frances Fryer. Once quite the muso herself at Folk Club, or so I’ve heard… (And, naturally, glimpsed some of the magic with my own eyes growing up as a tiny pup!) These are the songs that bind us. Our All Time Top Five. (Watch this space for Part II ‘cos our musical journey ain’t over yet… Not by a long shot!)

Enjoy, mense!!

1. Golden Slumbers by the Beatles… The song she sang when I was warm under covers and the Sandman beckoned. (Funny that my favourite musician, Ben Folds, should be the artist who covers this particular gem on the I Am Sam OST. Melody for thought.)

2. Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison. Well, I am her beloved brown eyed girl.

3. D’Yer Mak’er by Led Zeppelin. Our definitive Jammin’ Tune.

4. Wish You Were Here. But nope… Not the original Pink Floyd but the Wyclef Jean sampling on his solo album, The Ecleftic.

5. Still Fighting It by Ben Folds. Yup, she now loves Ben Folds just about as much as I do. Got tickets once, while in sunny SA, for a gig of his in London town and had to cancel my flight last minute. Lucky mother, cow that she is, scored my ticket. I’ve never forgiven her for that!

Anyhoo, short and sweet on this warm, blustery Winter’s day on the southern tip of Africa!

Love you, Mom. May the music never end! 

Click here to give Golden Slumbers by the Beatles a listen. 

And for the Ben Folds’ rendition, yet again, click away… 

Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl, for ol’ time’s sake, just click on the dotted line…

Monday Beat-the-Blues boogie to D’Yer Mak’er…? And… Click! 

Wyclef doing Pink Floyd justice… Save this click for your Mellow Session later

And last, but certainly not least, my heartsong, Ben Folds, ready for your eager ears and itching trigger fingers! 

All said and done, happy Monday, my fellow music lovers!


Photo credit: Janet Fryer

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