The gift of a watch: A love story

Today, I am in the mood for simplicity…

So I will keep this short and sweet. Just a little love story as most of my stories are in their own way. It was something I posted this morning on Facebook and I felt like treasuring it as a keepsake on my blog… To remind me, and others, of what’s important, during darker days that may find us. xx

Note to self:

I have always practised a particular ‘habit’ for want of a better word… and that is to compliment people, friends, family, strangers, you name it… (Even the occasional dog or cat!) When I find something about them striking, or they have a quality that I admire…

And I know some people think me weird for it. Trust me, I get the occasional funny look or brush off…

But the universe taught me a valuable lesson the other day.

I complimented a stranger on her watch… She had just come into the book store to buy a newspaper.

She told me that she had been given it as a gift by her children, that it was a collector’s item fashioned on the time pieces that adorn the walls in Swiss train stations because she herself is Swiss… So it reminds her of home…

I commented and said it must be so very special to her.

She said yes it was indeed. But then she turned a little teary eyed. I grew concerned but said nothing. I waited for her to continue.

She continued. The watch had been engraved by her children. It not only served as a reminder of her birthplace. It had also been given to her after the sudden passing of her husband from a stroke. It was a reminder that time moves forward, and so too must you. And now, she told me, she focusses her energies on work that helps others in need.

I thanked her for her beautiful story. It had made my day and I hope she felt better for sharing it, in spite of the painful memories and watery eyes.

Moral of today’s story: You are your own brand of weird. Your weird, that is so unique to you, is your gift to the world and the world’s gift to you.

Share if you agree and want to spread this message with me.

Love Jocelyn

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