The Gift of Childhood: A Love Story

Dont grow old its a trapSo a little late for Wednesday Appreciation Day, but yet again, pesky deadlines and paying work. Urgh. Such is life. And I guess that is kind of the point of this post. There are some things that become unavoidable when we grow up. There is work to be done, and the bills sure don’t pay themselves. But in spite of this, there is a meme that I love, of Snoopy in a business suit leaving behind lazy days spent staring up at the sky on his little red dog box. The meme is captioned ‘Don’t grow up- it’s a trap’. Peanuts has always been my favourite comic strip so it’s no surprise I’d love a Snoopy meme.

When I was in the Donkin coming down from a manic episode, a very dear friend, Steven ‘Joff’ Carter (a pretty big deal in art circles these days), painted the image for me and I had it framed. Another friend of mine asked recently if he might have a print of it for his birthday. You see, it’s special.

I read a quote only the other day, that to see the wonder in the world you have to be at least a little crazy. There’s some truth to that. When I was manic, the world exploded with colour… I could sit in a garden and almost hear the vibrations of nature humming… I was revisiting childhood I guess, finding myself once again in awe of everything that surrounded me. It’s no secret that we¬†can grow so complacent as adults, so oblivious to the splendor and magic in things and in others.

I got better eventually and was able to leave the hospital and embark on the next chapter of my life. But the picture of Snoopy I now keep on my mantle reminds me to cling just a little bit to the crazy, to cling to the child in me. That it’s okay. It’s okay to be naive…. It’s okay to be whimsical… It’s okay to drift off sometimes and daydream… It’s okay to find yourself filled with wonder… It’s okay to believe in the best in others… It’s okay to be vulnerable… I don’t like stuffy offices and I don’t like wearing shoes… And that’s okay too. In fact, it’s better than okay. For me, it’s about survival.

So today, I am grateful for friends like Joffy… Friends who find a way to tell me it’s okay, just in case I ever doubt it.

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