So I have a mate, Dave, right. Let’s say Dave can be a boisterous and hot-blooded sort at the best of times. But I like to scratch beneath the surface with people. Most times, I’ve found, they reveal the softest of centres. And such is Dave. Like so many others. But of course, so very Dave.

Dave had a story to share with me the other day. A testimony to his character, he’d had a really rough day and chose, on this unfortunate day, to rise above and regale us with stories and fill the room with mirth and chuckles. Yes, some had heard the stories before. So it is with stories. But I’d not heard this one and I asked if I might share it with you, my readers.

A generous man at heart, here is Dave’s story.

It is a story that recognises his own shortcomings as a human bean, a story that makes peace with the universe guiding us back to a better place when we have faltered… And I feel, it is also a story of ingenuity, of the human spirit that makes something, anything, oftimes out of the funniest and most unlikely of places and situations.

Let us begin, for readers abroad, by stating that taxi drivers can be somewhat infamous in the South African imaginary. Many of us have at one stage or another experienced their improvisational tactics on the road. But again, it’s important to dig beneath the surface and see the beauty in all things…

But back to Dave, right?

Dave has a daughter who is fond of running low on petrol in her car and has more than once needed her father to be her knight in shining armour and come to the rescue with petrol when she’s found herself stuck and stranded.

So off Dave drove one day, to perform his fatherly duty for his free-spirited daughter. But sadly this day, he’d forgotten a vital tool.

Dave and his daughter were at a loss and Plan B was in the stages of consideration.

Frustrated with himself and with his daughter and with life, it was then that a taxi driving flung a vuvuzela at him. Further enraged, he gestated with hand signals that are universal the world over.

Then it dawned on him… The taxi driver had just flung out the window for him the one thing he’d needed: a funnel to fill the tank!

Dave learned a valuable lesson that day. And bless that he can laugh at himself as he does. So doing, he taught me a lesson too, and I hope we can all take a little something from it.

Happy Wednesday Appreciation Day, one and all!!


Featured image: South African Taxi Hand Signals

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